Logitech Z333 Multimedia Speakers – Black

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Logitech SPEAKER SPRINSGT 2 ODM NO LANG UK BLACK RETAIL GIFT BOX 35 MM IN 980001201 Speakers SpeakersLoud, deep, clear sound for your music, movies and games. Z333 delivers 80W peak power and 40W RMS sustained power.
Experience intense bass with the large 5-inch front-firing driver. A lot of power and a large driver are required to accurately reproduce and make you feel the low-end frequencies.
By directing the low frequencies to this dedicated subwoofer, it provides the most optimum listening experience and allows you to hear the bass as it was recorded.
Place the control pod where you can easily access the power and volume controls. Listen in private using the headphone jack.Power cable: 150 centimeter (4.9 feet)
Subwoofer is 24 Watt

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