iPod Nano Accessories – Must Have Peripherals for Your Nano mp3 Player

Now that you’ve just purchased a cool new mp3 player, in one of the fabulous colors available from our friends at apple, you’re going to need a few of the must-have ipod nano accessories to enjoy your audio experience to the fullest. Because the ipod nano is still the best deal when considering a new Apple mp3 player, you should have some money left over to get a docking station, carrying case, or even bluetooth headphones. I’ve tried out some of the cool new ipod nano accessories that are available online and you’re sure to find some that you just can’t live without.

Wireless headphones : One of the greatest innovations in mp3 player technology are the bluetooth headphones. By plugging a small module into the headphone jack of your ipod nano, you can remotely listen to music, up to 30 feet away from the actual ipod itself. Perfect for those of you who listen to your ipod when jogging or working out. There are several models available for the ipod nano, however of the units I tested, the Logitech and Panasonic brands were the best values. Installing and charging the bluetooth module and headphones is extremely simple and will be one of the best accessories you purchase for your ipod.

Nano Skins – Nothing lets you customize your ipod Nano more than putting a new skin on the player itself. Skins for the nano are extremely cheap, usually in the few dollar range. You can get all colors, textures, and lots of custom graphics to wrap and customize your new toy.

iPod Cases – Another essential accessory for your ipod nano is a good carrying case. Not only are they stylish, but a high quality case will protect your ipod from getting scratches and dings from normal use. Cases come in hard and soft versions, in all kinds of materials such as leather, plastic & vinyl. You can even Paris Hiltonize your ipod with rhinestone studded cases.

Nano Docking Stations- Now that you have over 8 million hours of music on your ipod nano, you can do away with that big home sound system, because many of the ipod docking stations & speakers rival even some of the high end audio systems. These compact, amplified speaker systems from Apple, Bose, & Denon allow you to transform your ipod nano into a home audio setup that can really crank out the sound…but at a very high quality. Prices range from $75 for lower end models, up to several hundred for the Bose models.

These are the big ticket ipod nano accessories that you should add to your wish list, however you can also get smaller ticket items such as custom ear buds, athletic arm bands which hold your ipod while you exercise. If you plan on using your ipod in your vehicle, you can purchase custom wiring adapters to play music directly through your car stereo, or you can go the cheaper method by purchasing an fm transmitter. FM modulated transmitters all you to tune your car radio to a specific station, and your ipod will play through this radio station. It’s not as good as a directly wired ipod connection, but it’s still a great way to get your ipod music in your vehicle.

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