DURAGADGET High Capacity Universal Power Bank in Black for the Bose SoundLink Micro

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Introducing the High Capacity Universal Power Bank In Black from DURAGADGET. An easy and portable accessory for keeping all of your gadgets charged when you need them the most!

The Power Bank charges through a Micro USB Input Port and Cable that you can connect to either your Laptop or a 5V USB adapter. Whilst charging an LED Indicator on the device will show Red and when fully charged the LED indicator will show Blue. Once charged your power bank is ready to take anywhere with your important gadgets to give them a power boost when neccessary, using the Universal USB Output port to connect with your gadget’s charge cable.

Package Contains:Stick Power Bank, Micro USB Cable

Specifications: Capacity: 2600mAh/Li-ion Input:DC 5V / 0.5A Output: DC 5V / 0.8A

.N.B. Any devices pictured with Power Bank are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the product.

We can only ship batteries to the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium,Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK, Poland, Slovenia and USA. If your delivery address is outside of these countries (including Ireland), we will regrettably have to cancel your order.DURAGADGET’s exclusive, ultra-portable power source for charging all of your electronic devices, including your brand new speaker
Includes a Micro USB Input Port and cable for charging power source to 2600 mAh capacity, simply connect the cord to your power bank and you’re ready to go
The universal USB output port connects to your device’s charge cable for efficent and reliable charging
A built-in LED charging Indicator glows red whilst the power bank is charging and switches to a bold blue once fully-powered
Capacity: 2600mAh/Li-ion Input: DC 5V / 0.5A Output: DC 5V /0.8A [please note: this battery can only be sent to certain countries – see our description]

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